“Trappist” beer is a unique phenomenon in nowadays brewing. Trappist history began in 1664 when one abbot from the Cistercian monastery in France established the Cistercian Order with very strict rules. That order was called “La Trappe”. Although the trappists had very strong and strict praying, food and values regulations, the order allowed to drink alcohol. Since the monks really liked beer, they decided to start the brewing process. What is more, the monasteries could survive financially from this activity.

/> Today there are 12 breweries – monasteries in the world which have the right to use the Trappist beer mark. This mark ensures that the beer is made according to the Trappist Order traditions using the recipes from the old times. Surely, the beer must be brewed by the monks themselves.
“Zundert” brewery – monastery brews the “youngest” Trappist beer in the market. They got the right to use the authentication mark only in 2015, so their beer quantities are quite small compared to the other monasteries.